Specialty Services

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a whole body "hands-on" approach to the evaluation and treatment of the human structure. The therapist will evaluate the fascial system through visual analysis, observing posture, movement and symmetry. He will also palpate (feel) tissue texture and fascial layers

When fascial restriction is found, gentle pressure is applied into the direction of the restriction. These barriers are too strong to be forced, but waiting with gentle pressure and following the motion will encourage layer by layer to release.

Due to the continuous nature of the fascia from the affected structure to neighboring structures, treatment may not be confined to the area that you perceive to be the source of your pain. For example, treatment of an upper extremity quite often involves mobilization of neck or chest wall fascia, and treatment of lower extremities may require treatment of the pelvis.

If at any time during your treatment you have questions, or feel uncomfortable with the technique, please notify the therapist or another staff member. Additional staff can be provided to accompany you in the room for the treatment at your request.

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